Doin’ It Brooklyn Style

Born Robert Stephens, Screechy Dan was performing for crowds as a child in Kingston, Jamaica before making his way to the U.S. and settling in Brooklyn. Red Fox was born Gareth Shelton and raised in St. Catherine, Jamaica perfecting his lyrical skills performing at concerts and parties held at his high school.  In 1986, prior to graduating, he migrated to Brooklyn where he started his professional recording career with Peter Mckensie, a veteran dancehall producer and owner of FM Force, an independent label. The rest, as they say, is history for both these artists.

 Screechy Dan and Red Fox are undeniably two of the most famous dancehall recording artists to come out of Brooklyn. In 1993, Screechy Dan and Red Fox stars aligned when they collaborated on “Pose Off (in ya pum-pum shorts).” The song instantly skyrocketed up the reggae charts and became a staple song in reggae music.

Poised to strike gold again, Screechy Dan and Red Fox have collaborated once again on “Fall in Love,” their new single.  This past week both hit the NYC club scene hard to promote it, making stops at Suzie Wong’s, Caribbean City, Negril Village Lounge, Manny’s, Happy Endings, Santos Party House and BB Kings.  Descending on the Big Apple like the tornado that hit over the weekend, Screechy Dan and Red Fox sat down with F.A.M.E NYC on Monday to discuss their latest collabo. 

F.A.M.E NYC:  How did the collaboration for “Fall in Love” happen?

Red Fox:  I did a tour in Germany and while I was in Germany I got a track by a German producer named Sebastian.  He has a label called SWS [Sound with Soul] and he presented me with the track and told me he wanted to do a collaboration with me and Screechy.  So I did my part in Germany and sent the track to New York and Screechy did his part.

F.A.M.E NYC:  What drew both of you individually to the song?

Red Fox: Well you know me and Screechy did “Pose Off (in ya pum-pum shorts)” and been trying to find that follow up collaboration.  We have very good chemistry and felt like that riddim was really us.

Screechy Dan:   When I heard the track and the concept of the song and the lyrics written by Red Fox, I said to myself, ‘there goes the chemistry.’

F.A.M.E NYC:  How do you think the listeners have received the single?

Red Fox:  It’s doing well in Germany, now we’re trying to get it [to] pop off in the States.  And so far the reception has been very great.  And I think people have been waiting for something like this for the longest time…true reggae fans, people who love to dance with your loved one in the party.  It gives the right blend of the old school and I think it will catch you.

Screechy Dan:  I’ve received the same feedback Fox have.  The song has a positive vibe and is a fusion of the old with the new.

F.A.M.E NYC:  Last week you two appeared at different venues throughout the city in promotion of the single.     How do you believe the performances went?

Red Fox:  They went great, very good I enjoyed every moment of it.  The chemistry [onstage] is still there. The crowds were very responsive.

F.A.M.E NYC:  Do you have any more performances coming up in the NYC area?

Red Fox:  Not in New York, but I have a show in Massachusetts and Screechy have a birthday party at Caribbean City August seventh.

To listen to a sample of “Fall in Love” click,

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