F.A.M.E NYC’s Top 2011

Happy New Year FAMERS!  I hope the first two weeks of 2012 have been marvelous for all of you.  And it is my sincerest wish that all the resolutions and goals you have set for yourself are achieved.  Last year I was the first time I felt the true speed of time.  It seemed as if I had just been toasting the year in when it was time for beach season; I blinked my eye and we were back at the holiday season again.  Whew!  

As I looked at the posts for 2011, I noticed that I lived in the theatre.  Perhaps it was because last year I realized a goal and wrote the first play I intend to put into production (more to come with that little tidbit).  And there is no way I could start the New Year without give you my Top of 2011.  So, let’s take one last look at 2011 shall we?