Jenny On Her Ass


Ok, I missed the Jenny from BX aka Jenny from da block aka J-Lo aka Jennifer Lopez performance and just saw this 40 year-old-woman bust her ass via YouTube.  With a hint of laughter I say this, Ms. Lo what were you thinking?  I’m sorry I had to laugh, but I would laugh at anyone that slips on their bum celebrities included. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am almost 40 (and I still get it in on the dance floor) so it is not about age here, but she hasn’t been putting it enough dance time outside of rehearsals for this performance to try that type of stunt on national television. 

I also understand that she is not necessarily on the top of the Diva heap and has to deal with the Ga Ga’s and Bey’s of the entertainment world; still I say tisk tisk Jenny.  Save stunts like that for tour so you can have more time to practice. 

What made the fall even worse is that she came on stage through the audience in a black silk boxer’s robe with Will Smith ala Ali chants of “The champ is here,” and Michael Buffer screaming “LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!”  It appeared that she was ready to knock out all these R&B and pop bitches and the only chick that landed on their ass was J-LO, so shameful.  I hadn’t cringe that hard since I saw old footage of Ali getting knocked down by Frasier at the Garden.  So did the champ really show up?

Of course she did!  The Bronx Bomber came to show her stuff and prove that a women in her 40’s can have a body that rivals any of these Gen Y bombshells, fall on her ass, get up fighting and still sashay into the audience as if nothing happened.  And as a fellow Leo she followed our astrological sign’s creed:  Go big or go home.  Yeah, she went big and it didn’t work this time, but I can guarantee that next time it will.  It is just the Leo way.  No worries Jennifer, your ass has always been the butt of J-Lo jokes (no pun intended) Sunday evening will serve as no exception.

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