Getting Ruggy With It, the 2010 Odegard Awards

We walk, roll, lay, play and spill things on it.  But I bet you had no idea awards were given for it.  Just like art and furniture, a rug provides a room with a distinct personality.  The innovators that help design the wool, cotton, chenille, leather and rubber coverings that we lay on our floors were acknowledged on June 7 at the Odegard Awards.

The Odegard Award for Excellence in Rug Design recognizes outstanding achievement in the area of original student rug design. The competition was created to show student designers how combining modern designs with traditional hand knotting techniques can increase awareness and respect for the legacy of textile and carpet weaving.  The ceremony was held at the Museum of Arts and Design, at 2 Columbus Circle.  The eleven winning designs will be showcased in the design galleries of various universities across the U.S. during a tour that runs from August 2010 through May 2011.

The 2010 Winners are as follows:

Gold – Alice Serres, University of Georgia

Silver – Rebeccah Hardman, Utah State University

Bronze – Lindsey Brown, Utah State University

Calvin Tsao Jury Award – Martha Rex, Utah State University

David Revere McFadden Jury Award – Tracey Darragh, Western Kentucky University

Holly Hotchner Jury Award – Abby Savage, Utah State University

Jack Lenor Larsen Award – Cassandra Carter, Utah State University

Mary McFadden Jury Award – Emily Kozik, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Michele Oka Doner Jury Award – Nicole Martin, Florida State University

Stephanie Odegard Jury Award – Abby Savage, Utah State University

Stephen Burks Jury Award – Chelsea Bush, Syracuse University

First prize winner Alice Serres received a 6’ x 9’ hand woven carpet of her design and Odegard will include the design in their current carpet line for up to three years.  She may also be available for a two-month paid internship with Odegard in one of their showrooms.

Photos:  Katherine Kostreva


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