MOS DEF-initely Not for Long

Last month Mos Def announced at the “Rock the Bells” concert in New York City that he will be retiring his stage name at the end of the year. The actor and rapper whose real name is Dante Smith will soon join the ranks of entertainers such as Nas and Diddy as he takes on a new moniker.  And who will Mos Def become?  Yasin.

Mos explained to MTV’s Sucker Free the purpose of the name change.  “Mos Def is a name that I built and cultivated over the years, it’s a name that the streets taught me, a figure of speech that was given to me by the culture and by my environment, and I feel I’ve done quite a bit with that name and it’s time to expand and move on.”

Well as Dante prepares to move on, we at F.A.M.E NYC would like to pay homage to music that was created under the name Mos Def by sharing with you FAMERS our favorite Mos Def track.  Happy trails Mos…


One thought on “MOS DEF-initely Not for Long

  1. Catherine N Argyros says:

    In Australia the Aboriginese do not celebrate every birthday. They celebrate when the person maked a transition to another plane of thought, creativity, courageous battle etc. At that time an new name is chosen and the pst name is let go. They honor and pay tribute to the old and welcome the new with gratitude and humility. This is a tribal ritual. Kudos to Mos Def!
    Please tell him so.
    Catherine N. Argyros

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