Arts, Crafts and More at the Contemporary Art Fair NYC

The second annual Contemporary Art Fair NYC is well underway at the Jacob Javits Center and will conclude tomorrow.  This year additional exhibitors were featured as CAFNYC was combined with the American Craft Show.  In total, there are over 190 artists from Canada, Spain and across the US showing at the fair.   Along with the presenters, additional highlights include performances, demonstrations and artists talk.  Last year over 5,000 visitors attended in the fair.  Richard Rothbard, Director of American Art Marketing and producer of CAFNYC, believed that the numbers of this year’s event could double.

CAFNYC offers its visitors a unique experience by combining what most would consider being art with the world of craft.  Like fashion and beauty, two entities that can coexist alone, but are even better when brought together, arts and crafts are symbiotic methods of creativity that seek from inspiration each other.  It was extremely fascinating to see both disciplines brought together in one venue.  Whether it is a purse, vase, sculpture or a brightly painted canvas, art is art.

Photo and Slideshow:  F.A.M.E NYC Editor


7 thoughts on “Arts, Crafts and More at the Contemporary Art Fair NYC

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