The Little Tramp Leaving Broadway in January


Charlie Chaplin was an icon and trailblazer, but with the exception of a few reels that pay homage to the golden age of Hollywood, The Little Tramp has pretty much become that short guy with the mustache, cane and funny shuffle.  This year the spirit, talent and story Charlie Chaplin was resurrected into the spotlight once more via Chaplin the Musical.

Chaplin the Musical depicts the life of Charlie Chaplin through song and dance and has given birth to a new Broadway star Rob McClure, who plays the lead character.  The production has provided theatre goers with a touch of nostalgia, but the black and white glory of old Hollywood and its greatest star will be fading soon.  Chaplin the Musical is in its final weeks at the Barrymore Theatre.  The final show is January 6.  There is still time to see the original Dictator before he shuffles back into the annals of time.

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