F.A.M.E NYC Photo Gallery Presents Oscar Correcher

F.A.M.E NYC Photo Gallery is a daily exhibition of the work of a NYC based photographer.  Each day (or night), I will feature a photo of New York City shot by the photographer.    I knew when I wanted to begin this series with the work of Oscar Correcher.  I absolutely love his work.  He is a wonderful photographer with a beautiful personality.  Whether he’s shooting a fashion spread, his dog Dali or just taking random shots, his works speaks to the soul.   

To learn a little more about Oscar, check out F.A.M.E NYC’s interview click, https://famenycmagazine.com/2012/04/02/the-splendor-of-the-lens/.

To follow Oscar Correcher on Instagram click,  http://instagram.com/oscarcorrecher/.