The Journey Behind The Lens


D. Austin

Each day men and women arrive in Manhattan with their life savings in their pocket and a dream illuminating in their minds.  The dream is to be successful in whatever enterprise that brought them to New York City.   Like ole blue eyes says, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

Even those who have achieved success in other ponds, crave to make it big in the city by the Hudson River.  This is the case for D. Austin who had a successful photography studio in Atlanta prior to coming to the Big Apple.  D. Austin’s lifelong exploration with photography began when he was 16-years-old.  “It started on a family vacation from California to New York and back,” he recalls as he selects photos to burn on a disk in a Midtown studio, “My dad had bought a manual film camera to document it, and I was the designated photographer.  I didn’t know how to work it, but after two or three days I began to take pictures.”  That was over 20 years ago.

Fast forward to 2010, D. Austin is now focusing on his NYC Powershoot and two coffee table books to be released later this year.  The NYC Powershoot takes place March 20 and 21.   “A Powershoot is an opportunity for anybody that needs pictures, promotional pictures primarily.  It started in Atlanta, and then it started growing in popularity,” D. Austin explains.  Generally a Powershoot involves several photographers, stylists, make-up artists, creative directors, and fashion editors and also serves as a networking opportunity.

The Untimely Pursuits Of Pleasure and Foto Obsessions are the two books D. Austin is currently finishing up.  “The Untimely Pursuits Of Pleasure is an idea I came across in my head where people don’t follow any set rules.  Nothing is like A to B to C, it’s more like A to F to C, so in that way it’s untimely and it’s always in the pursuit of pleasure” he says.  Foto Obsessions is a collection of subjects D. Austin has shot repeatedly and the title affirms his obsession with photography.  In fact, D. Austin’s obsession with the camera has taken him all over the United States before he made his current pit stop in Gotham.    

New York City is the place where some dreams die, some dreams transform into new ones and some dreams become reality.  A photographer often times blurs the lines between dream and reality; however one thing is certain about D. Austin’s photography, his talent is real and will be the vehicle to make all his dreams come true in New York or elsewhere.

To view more of D. Austin’s photography or learn more about the NYC Powershoot please visit,,

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