A Village in The Village

When it comes to Caribbean culture in New York, the planet (yes, I said planet) of Brooklyn is hands down the place to go.  Countless Caribbean clubs, restaurants and the annual West Indian Day Parade down Eastern Parkway on Labor Day prove why the borough of Brooklyn is the Caribbean capital of the northeast.  But on W. 3rd Street sits a venue that rivals any restaurant experience that can be found in Brooklyn. 

Negril Village is located in the heart of Chelsea and has brought the flavors of the Caribbean to the island of Manhattan. Husband and wife team Marva Layne and Carlton Hayle along with Peter Best and Sim Walker pride themselves in producing the best quality Caribbean cuisine and strive to be an accurate representation of Caribbean food and culture.

Negril Village boasts a style of cuisine that is referred to as “New York Savvy Caribbean.”   The menu combines myriad dishes, cooking styles and techniques of different Caribbean islands such as Trinidad and Jamaica.  The Roti dishes from the island of Trinidad have an extremely authentic taste and the Oxtail Stew is cooked to perfection and is served with savory brown sauce and rice and peas.  The soup of the day makes awesome appetizer; this warm treat overflows with flavor.  Their tropical drinks are a tasty bonus to an already delectable menu.  Whether sipping on a cocktail or non-alcoholic fruit punch, you will taste all the beautiful flavors of the Caribbean captured in a glass.

The décor of Negril Village is the first thing you notice when walking pass the threshold.   Set on two levels, the restaurant’s’ décor is fashionable and enchanting.  The spacious dining room on the upper level has bamboo floors and contemporary furniture.  After dinner, the Rhum Lounge on the lower level provides its patrons with the opportunity to work off their meals.  The raisin interior gives this basement level spot a sultry atmosphere.  The DJs spin the best in reggae, calypso, R&B and hip hop that will keep your body moving for hours.  A trip to one of the islands of the Caribbean may not be feasible in this economy, but Negril Village offers the best solution to bring the Caribbean to your lips and hips.  Guess you will have to settle for Coney Island if you want to go to the beach.  

One thought on “A Village in The Village

  1. Sprat says:

    Kudos to you!

    This place looks great…and being a Negril lover here in Canada, I just wish we had something like this. lol…not in this little town.

    I love trying my hand at Jamaican …caribbean dishes…and I have quite a few.

    good luck to you guys! 🙂


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