Gawk and Awe

Dozens of strangers corralled into a wide dark space unsure of what will happen next.  Strobe lights are overhead as the DJ spins electro-tech sounds.  I’m no stranger to clubs (in fact they are my second home) and this definitely feels like one.  There is barely anywhere to sit and I began to think to myself, “I thought I was going to see a show.”  But before I could get lost in my thoughts, it began.

A man dressed in a white suit begins to run on a treadmill.  He accumulates speed as simulated wind and rain try to block him.  In a flash a loud shot rings in the air, my heart briefly stops.  He is shot and pauses, but the action is just beginning.

Fuerza Bruta Look Up is an explosion of performance art.  From start to finish it is a marathon of aerial acrobatics and constant movement, even the audience gets to participate.  As a member of the audience you move from one end of the theater to another following the show as the cast moves from one form of movement to the next.  You become part of the experience as the cast joins the audience to revel, break boxes of confetti over willing audience members’ heads and dance as water is sprayed from above.  And if you enjoy watching women in baby doll frocks slosh around in water, Fuerza Bruta Look Up has that too. 

It does not matter how you feel when you enter.  The vibes are so kinetic that you will leave soaked with bolts of energy to carry you through the rest of the night.  Fuerza Bruta Look Up is an out-of-the-box celebration that can be enjoyed by young and old.  It is provocative and absolutely the best fusion of art, nightlife and theater I have ever witnessed.  It is carnival on steroids.  Look up, look left, look right, but I guarantee you will not look away.




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