15 Questions With Mahogany Reynolds

Last night Slow Bullet, My Three Loves opened at Manhattan Repertory Theater to great success, partly because of the acting ability of Ms. Mahogany Reynolds.  Mahogany is a brave, unrelenting actress who fearlessly took on the role of Rhea Davies, a deeply complex character in the middle of a breakdown.    While preparing for her for the show, Mahogany answered our 15 questions so you could get to know her a little better.   But all you really need to know is that you don’t want to miss the rest of Mahogany’s performances in Slow Bullet, My Three Loves because it’s out of this world!

1. What intrigued you about Slow Bullet, My Three Loves and your character in particular? I was intrigued by the deep subject matters. Depression. Mental Illness. Stigmas about those two subject matters within the Black community. I was also intrigued by the serious subject of suicide. Especially with so many prominent individuals dying of suicide or suspicious deaths lately. As well as, far too many young people committing suicide. I was also intrigued by how multifaceted and complex Rhea Davies is. Ordinary, she is definitely not! Moreover, I was fascinated by the stories of her three loves. And how these men have shaped, and in some ways, deformed, her life. Especially, her relationship with her lover, Jordan. That relationship; I believe, affected her the most.

2. If you could impart any words of advice to your character, what would you say? One word. FIGHT. I wrote her a long letter; three nights before the opening of the show, to impart this advice to her.

3. Which actors/actresses influence you the most?Angela Basset, Meryl Streep, Cicely Tyson, Ruby Dee, Nia Long, Viola Davis, Jody Foster, Denzel Washington, Anthony Hopkins, Leonardo Dicaprio, Sidney Poitier, Phylicia Rashad, Taraji P. Henson, Lawrence Fishburne, Whoopi Goldberg, Mariska Hargitay, Lily Tomlin, Jenifer Lewis, and Regina Hall…to name a few.

4. If you could play any role, who would it be? Well, I am playing a role that I love. Rhea Davies is definitely a dream role. Any role that allows me to fully express myself artistically, with no barriers, is a role I want to play. I have a real strong personality and so I seek out female characters that mirror me. In addition to that, I’d love to portray Diana Ross. She’s beyond fabulous. A movie or stage play about her life story would be really cool to play. Plus, I’m from Detroit, so that would be awesome.

5. What is your favorite movie?  “Love Jones” by far, when it comes down to romance, sexuality, sensuality, heartache, and love between a black man and woman. What is your favorite play?“A Raisin in the Sun” because it’s a bold play that tells a bold story. I love anything bold. So long as it has a purpose. Ironically, I’ve recently been cast, to play the character “Ruth Younger” in this legendary play! I’m super excited about that.

6. Who is your superhero alter ego and why?Wonder Woman, no doubt! Because I’m tall physically. And I walk tall in my spirit and attitude. Plus, she’s smart. So am I. She’s a seductress. So am I. She’s a warrior. So am I. I don’t back down easily. I’m brave. I don’t scare easily. And I try to stand up for what’s right, no matter how difficult the fight will be. Plus, I love her costume. It’s so bad ass and super sexy! And that dominatrix thing she got going on with that rope. Yeah baby, she’s my alter ego bad chick for sure!

7. What would your theme song be?“I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan remixed by Whitney Houston. My favorite lyrics are: “Whatever you want. Whatever you need. Anything you want done baby. I’ll do it naturally. Cause I’m every woman. It’s all in me.”

8. If you were exiled to an island, what three items would you take with you? A framed photograph of my son. My journal and ink pen set. And a bottle of William Hill Estate Napa Chardonnay.

9. What is your favorite season and why? Summer. I love sun and heat. Because I hate wearing lots of clothes. I love being as naked as possible. With sophistication of course.

10. What is your favorite accessory? A sexy pair of panties. No matter what you are wearing, there’s something about having on a sexy pair of panties, that brings out the seductress in me.

11. If we lived in a clothes optional society, would you choose to wear clothes or go naked? Naked, all the way baby! Hence, my answer to question 9. Women have to deal with body image issues our entire damn lives! Men are visual. Sadly, many women go nuts trying to cater to a man’s visual needs. And stroke his ego. I don’t have time for that! So, when I declare naked, it’s not to please any one, but ME. I love the skin I’m in. So why not wear it exclusively. If you were a fly on my wall, when I’m totally alone, you’d catch me naked rather often.

12. What is your guilty pleasure?Sex in public places, when I can get away with it.

13. What is your favorite dish?A big handmade cheeseburger; with all the toppings (hold the mayo and the onions); some hot french fries, coupled with an ice cold Sam Adams craft beer.

14. If your friends and family could sum you up in one word, what would it be? Ambitious

15. What are you most proud of?My son. When I became a mom, I evolved. I expanded spiritually. I grew mentally. I enhanced physically. And I elevated intellectually. My son is my biggest and greatest accomplishment. We’re super close. And he’s just a super awesome kid.


15 Questions With Arthur Gregory Pugh

Arthur Gregory Pugh is the trifecta.  He is an actor that has been endowed with enormous talent, professionalism and a willingness to go deep to bring the needs and emotions of the character to life.  There is a sense of awe in seeing an actor give up his body to allow the character to step in.  Arthur gives his all and personifies what Floyd “Money” Mayweather describes as the keys to success – hard work and dedication.  For me Arthur Gregory Pugh has been my anchor, the rock that grounds a production that deals with controversial topics in an unorthodox way.   It can be hard to portray a character that is flawed and may come off as unlikable, but Arthur gives Zeke Brown a soul.

FAMERS I asked Arthur 15 questions to introduce you to the man that plays Zeke Brown in Slow Bullet, My Three Loves.  Arthur is a chill dude that makes Zeke’s blemishes a little less imperfect, but you don’t have to take my word…come see for yourself.

1. What intrigued you about Slow Bullet, My Three Loves and your character in particular?

Rhea’s choosing to make this decision and her revelations along the way intrigued me about the play. As for my role, as someone who has always played a cop or a soldier, even though Zeke has a sternness about him, having a relationship his daughter is special to me.

2. If you could impart any words of advice to your character, what would you say?

No matter if you believe you are doing what’s best for you and those you love, they won’t believe it unless they hear it.

3. Which actors/actresses influence you the most?

Delroy Lindo, Idris Elba

4. If you could play any role, who would it be?

I am going to be Othello one day. I would also like to play a lawyer of a landmark case.

5. What is your favorite movie?  What is your favorite play?

Movie: Ray / Play: A Soldier’s Play

6. Who is your superhero alter ego and why?

I am Spiderman. As an actor I understand the great power I possess and the great responsibility to always be on point.

7. What would your theme song be?

Follow The Leader – Eric B. & Rakim

8. If you were exiled to an island, what three items would you take with you?

My MP3 player, a Sudoku puzzle book, comfortable shoes.

9. What is your favorite season and why?

Fall. Not too hot, not too cold… and there’s football on TV.

10. What is your favorite accessory?

That MP3 player, gotta have my tunes.

11. If we lived in a clothes optional society, would you choose to wear clothes or go naked?

Clothes. Nudity should be for intimacy.

12. What is your guilty pleasure?

Mom’s coconut custard pie.

13. What is your favorite dish?

Dad’s chopped barbecue.

14. If your friends and family could sum you up in one word, what would it be?


15. What are you most proud of?

My daughter’s accomplishments.


Port Cities Comes To NYC

F.A.M.E NYC is proud to spread the word about projects like Port Cities.  It is important that art explores the past, speaks to the age we are living in and inspires us to build  a better future.

PORT CITIES is a global performance art project linking five cities along 17th century Dutch trade routes. From Perth Australia to Cape Town South Africa, from Amsterdam and New York City to the old port of Jakarta, each city will host a unique project exploring our interconnected heritage and its legacy.

PORT CITIES events will:

  • be presented on or nearby the city’s port
  • explore the city’s connection to Dutch trade route history and its unique location on the route
  • comprise a team of local and international collaborators
  • include movement particular to the city (either through theme, experience, or dance)

Local myths, legends, and folklores will be explored against the backdrop of contemporary issues. The sum of all five cities will be documented as an interactive mapping space both on this website and within a gallery,   as a project in five movements, like an opera.

PORT CITIES NYC, the first movement of the global odyssey, is a theatrical journey from the Financial District to Red Hook. In May 2016, audiences will meet at Pier 11 in the Financial District, ferry across the harbor accompanied by an original soundscape, dock in Red Hook’s working port, and board The Waterfront Museum Barge for a multimedia performance. Featuring a live musical score by Cameron Orr, generative projection visuals by Horus Vacui, and an ensemble who move, morph, and mix between early settler icons and modern city dwellers, PORT CITIES NYC highlights systems of trade and cycles of violence.

To learn more about Port Cities, please visit: http://www.portcitiesproject.org/.


15 Questions With Lamar Richardson

Lamar Richardson is the personification of “talented tenth.”  He’s ivy-league educated; a member of the first intercollegiate Greek-letter fraternity established for Black men and an extremely talented and dedicated actor. He also has a smile that’s infectious. To me he’s a wonderful ray of light that I’ve been blessed to work with.  Like the character “Baby Boy,” Lamar brings purpose, hope and humor to everyone he meets.  His journey may have started down bottom in North Carolina, but it’s surely destined for the stars.

I asked Lamar 15 questions so that you FAMERS can get to know the man behind “Baby Boy” a little better.  But if you really want to see him shine…don’t forget to get your ticket for Slow Bullet, My Three Loves.

1. What intrigued you about Slow Bullet, My Three Loves and your character in particular?

I loved that the script tackles such deep, often unsung, material. I always long for a theater piece with a powerful message, and ‘Slow Bullet, My Three Loves’ spoke me in a special way. I especially connected with Baby Boy because I find myself serving a similar purpose in my own personal life.

2. If you could impart any words of advice to your character, what would you say?

The world is a better place because your spirit lives on and shines a bright light in many dark places. You’re truly a rainbow in the clouds.

3. Which actors/actresses influence you the most?

I am a big fan of Don Cheadle, Laurence Fishburne, Danny Glover, Forest Whitaker, and, of course, Denzel Washington.

4. If you could play any role, who would it be?

I would love to do someone’s biopic, similar to Jamie Foxx in ‘Ray.’

5. What is your favorite movie?  What is your favorite play?

My favorite movie is ‘Ray,’ followed by ‘Hotel Rwanda.’ My favorite play would have to be one of August Wilson’s pieces. I’d say ‘Fences,’ but I love his body of work in general. I’m also a big fan of biopics.

6. Who is your superhero alter ego and why?

I’d have to say Spiderman because he’s so dynamic and versatile. I love his ability to jump from buildings and skyscrapers while saving the world.

7. What would your theme song be?

My theme song would definitely be ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey because I love its comforting message of hope.

8. If you were exiled to an island, what three items would you take with you?

I would take a mini-fridge, my cell phone, and a blanket.

9. What is your favorite season and why?

Summer is my favorite season because the sun is out and it’s a great time of the year for traveling and festivities.

10. What is your favorite accessory?

My Columbia University class ring because it was a gift from my mother.

11. If we lived in a clothes optional society, would you choose to wear clothes or go naked?

Depends on the temperature…lol!

12. What is your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure would have to be binge watching ‘Empire’ and ‘Power.’

13. What is your favorite dish?

Baked macaroni and cheese

14. If your friends and family could sum you up in one word, what would it be?


15. What are you most proud of?

Being the first Ivy League graduate in my family.


Strange Fruit Redux Goes To Queens

SFR Flying Solo 1

Since its debut last July, Strange Fruit Redux has continued to make its mark.  Strange Fruit Redux tells the story of 25-year-old visual artist Nathan Strange, who is on the verge of becoming the latest sensation in the NYC art scene.  While working on his final painting, Nathan expresses his views about black culture and what it means to be black in the new millennium moments before a confrontation with NYPD.  Strange Fruit Redux is a series of poem monologues mixed with music and sio-political, pop culture sound bites geared to show the fears and frustrations of the modern day black man.

In March Strange Fruit Redux played to a sold-out audience at the Downtown Urban Arts Festival.  This May Strange Fruit Redux will perform at the Flying Solo Festival in Queens.  Tickets are available at https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pr/958683.

Although Strange Fruit Redux is playing at the Secret Theatre, the secret is out…NYC can’t get enough of Strange Fruit Redux!

Meet The Cast of Slow Bullet, My Three Loves

Slow Bullet, My Three Loves tells the story of Rhea Davies, a thirty-something makeup artist.  While preparing to make her final transition, Rhea Davies is confronted by the men whom she loved the most and the relationships that shaped her world’s view.   In the middle of her breakdown she experiences a breakthrough.   Next month Slow Bullet, My Three Loves will make its world premiere at Manhattan Repertory Theatre’s Premiere Play Series May 18, 20 and 21.  So without further ado, F.A.M.E NYC would like to introduce you to the cast of Slow Bullet, My Three Loves.



Mahogany Reynolds is an award winning, beyond a triple-threat actress, from Detroit, Michigan. She performs a wide range of roles in film, TV and theatre that showcases her versatility. Mahogany graduated college with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts, and worked as a journalist, on-camera reporter, and television talk show co-host. Mahogany is often booked as an on-stage host for film festivals. As a philanthropist, she is the Founder/Executive Director of Just Be You Performing Arts; a mentoring and enrichment organization for aspiring young actors. Mahogany is a proud wife and devoted mother. http://dmclarke.wix.com/mahoganyreynolds#!gallery/c199t.



Arthur started as a voice-over artist that shifted to acting after he landed the role of Delmar Irving in the film “Downshift.” He’s affiliated with Theatre Engagement & Action at Intersections International, whose play “Uniform Justice” performed at the 2015 Fringe Festival in NYC. Other stage credits include: “Fences” (Troy Maxon), “A Soldier’s Story” (Sgt. Waters), “Camp Logan” (Sgt. McKinney), “Amen” (Daniel Quinn), “The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940” (Sgt. Kelly), “I Don’t Know Why He Loves Me” (Rev. Cunningham), and Johnnie Cochran in the comedy “So You Think You’re Godd.” www.ArthurGregoryPugh.biz



Actor/ poet Bryant L. Lewis is a native New Yorker born and raised in the Bronx.   He studied theatre at Manhattanville College where he starred as Orlando in “As You Like It” by William Shakespeare and was featured in Haroun and The Sea Of Stories.”   A proud alumnus of The Possibility Project youth theatre program in NYC, Lewis participated for two seasons.  In 2014 Lewis played the DJ in “The Outing” by Afrika Brown as well as his breakout role as the Homeless Guy in  “Heat Of The Moment” by Syvaun Grullon.  Currently Lewis is starring as Nathan Strange in “Strange Fruit Redux” by Afrika Brown , which is touring various festivals nationwide.  Lewis is also the founder/ owner of O-Kaos productions Inc., a video production company that writes, produces and films its own skits and short films. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLiPsFQih7LarF-KkLnovWQ



Lamar Richardson is a recent graduate of Columbia University. He hails from Charlotte, NC and loves to bring joy and laughter to everything he does. He prides himself on being an “actor on a faith journey to spread light and laughter in the industry.” He hopes to become a prominent artist in the New York theater community and strives to pave the way for those who will come after him. Lamar’s most recent credits include ‘Black Footnotes” at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe and the short film, ‘Running from the Dead.” Stay tuned! www.LamarRichardson.com

Manhattan Repertory Theatre is located at 303 West 42nd Street, in the heart of Times Square.  Tickets are available at http://manhattanrep.com/slow-bullet-my-three-loves/.


Strange Fruit Redux Returns to NYC

In July 2015 STRANGE FRUIT REDUX exploded onto the off-off Broadway landscape making its world premiere at Manhattan Repertory Theatre‘s 10th Anniversary Event.  It returned to NYC in November 2015 participating in the Midtown International Theatre Festival.  Our founder Afrika Brown has declared that 2016 is the year of Strange Fruit!

In February STRANGE FRUIT REDUX traveled to Winston-Salem, NC and participated in The Ruby Slipper Fringe Festival.  On the 29th STRANGE FRUIT REDUX returns to NYC for a special performance at the 14th Annual Downtown Urban Arts Festival.  That’s right FAMERS; STRANGE FRUIT REDUX is back in town for one night only at HERE Arts Center!

DUAFHERE Arts Center is located at 145 Avenue of the Americas; show time is at 7 p.m. Written by Afrika Brown and starring Bryant L. Lewis, STRANGE FRUIT REDUX centers on a pivotal day in the life of Nathan Strange, a 25-year-old artist from Brooklyn, as he is poised to ascend to the top of the NYC art scene; it’s a series of poem monologues mixed with music and sio-political, pop culture sound bites geared to show the fears and frustrations of the modern day black man.  Tickets for the 29th are still available and can be purchased at http://www.dutfnyc.com/.

See you at the show; you know F.A.M.E NYC will be there!




Flesh and Boner: What the Starz Series “Flesh and Bone” is Really About

By Bethany Leger

I’m a millennial. I wasn’t born in the 50s. I realize that premarital sex, drug use, eating disorders, domestic violence, stripping, incest, and self-injury are common features of modern day society. But just because my generation created a show out of this stuff, doesn’t mean I’m on board. Oh, and did I mention the main thread that supposedly ties the whole plot together is ballet? If you’re looking for a balanced, realistic view of the ballet world, it would be a grave mistake to form your impressions solely through the lens of “Flesh and Bone”. The show isn’t really about ballet, and despite many a hipster’s passionate argument that it’s about art and life; it’s not a “brilliant”/“genius” creative breakthrough either. It’s all about ratings—just a sweaty pot of debauchery and shock value.

flesh-and-bone-dancers-imageFirst, I’m a former ballet dancer. I didn’t dance for “the frickin’ Bolshoi”, but I have a long history with NYC and the dance community spanning from coast to coast, and I taught ballet for seven years. I’ve interviewed famous principal dancers, collaborated with artistic directors, danced beside guest professionals, had my toenails fall off from dancing on pointe, lived in many studios, stages, audiences, and in the wings. I know a thing or two. I’ve even seen a few of the show’s stars, Sascha Radetzky and Irina Dvorevenko, perform live. Second, I’m pushing 30, I’m married, I had a friend die from heroin, I struggled with an eating disorder in high school, I had a friend who stripped in her early twenties, I’m fully aware incest and other sexual abuse exists, and I’ve seen slit wrists up and close. Not only do I have experience in the ballet world, (which most of the trolls on the message boards don’t), I don’t live in La La Land either. Life can be rough. “Flesh and Bone”, however, in its attempt to combine all these taboos with tutus, is just all kindsa’ wrong.

12622_oriIf I’m going to play Devil’s advocate, I can see its appeal from a couple of angles: one, non-dancers are genuinely curious about ballet dancers’ lives because the ballet world is largely mysterious. If it weren’t for YouTube and other social media, the everyday operations of a ballet company would be buried along with Balanchine—exclusive and inaccessible. After all, most people don’t wear leotards to work. They want to know if the urban legends of bleeding toes and sleeping with the director are true. I get that. (For the record, dancers toes do bleed, and the casting couch is not an impossibility.)

c190f8f334c858cd6f2e60f4e9de610fOn the other hand, sex sells. And that’s unfortunately—depending how you feel about it—the problem. Yes, dancers have sex lives and walk around naked in dressing rooms. Nothing inaccurate about that. But when phallic slang, midday romps with boy toys, and pissy naked roommates leave more of an imprint in your brain than the subject itself—ballet—it means the producers are lazy. Seriously, when you spotlight a prima ballerina snorting coke before each class, the masses will automatically be wondering the next time they take their daughter to see the Nutcracker if the Sugar Plum Fairy has a deviated septum. Even if these scenes and story lines reflect some of the realities of the ballet world, the show isn’t an artfully crafted, thoughtful vehicle for educating the outside world about the profession. Rather, it’s one giant, gratuitous cheap shot that plays on the ignorance of the general population. I made it through the first episode only because I had access to a fast-forward button. After half-watching the lead character’s brother tame the dragon to her beloved childhood heirloom, I won’t try to stomach another one.

960I’m over my generation’s fascination with the Natalie Portman-ballerina. The tortured ballerina is so passé. If this makes me anti-progressive or un-hip, so be it. I’ll be joining the old folks down at Lincoln Center for some true artistry.


About the Author

HeadshotBethany Leger taught ballet for 7 years in Dallas, TX. She is the founder of Ballet For Adults, a site dedicated to educating adults about ballet at Ballet For Adults.com.

Let Us Fly

Actor/poet Bryant L. Lewis is a Native New Yorker born and bred in the Bronx. If you attended a performance of The Outing in 2014, you may remember him as the DJ in the party scene.  You may also remember him from the snippet of Strange Fruit Redux playing protagonist Nathan Strange.

Lewis is also the CEO/Founder of O-Kaos Productions, a video production company that writes, produces and films skits and short films in New York City.  Taking inspiration from Strange Fruit Redux, Lewis and O-Kaos Productions has created a new short film titled Let Us Fly, which brings an additional artistic perspective to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Check it out…



Strange Fruit Redux Poster


Come out and support F.A.M.E NYC Magazine’s founder and editor!

STRANGE FRUIT REDUX  is a new play by Afrika Brown and stars Bryant L. Lewis and Thomas Zimmerman. Strange Fruit Redux is a series of poem monologues mixed with music and socio-political, pop culture sound bites geared to show the fears and frustrations of the modern black man.

Performance Schedule: Mon 11/16, 7:00pm; Thurs 11/19, 7:30pm;
Sat 11/21, 4:00pm

Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street.

Get your tickets today!