Georgia on My Mind

No, not the state down yonder famous for its peaches, I am thinking about another place.  The place I am thinking of is located on 89A East Houston Street.  Georgia Beauty is a quaint, very organic beauty boutique and salon that is truly a world on to itself. 

Once passing through the threshold a visitor no longer feels as if they are stepping into a store, instead the intimate aesthetic gives off the aura of single woman’s bedroom or loft space.  The deconstructed walls, aged paint, artwork, heart-shaped washing station and large photo collage give the space a hip, artistic vibe that is still very feminine.  The products and accessories displayed on the walls and throughout the store are not in bulk so the consumer could never feel overwhelmed.  As you walk down the aisle smelling the testers of candles, lotions and creams and touching the belts, bags and other accessories you almost feel as if you are becoming a peeping Tom – touching the products of the woman who lives there, perhaps Georgia.

The concept for this half salon, half beauty store is the brainchild of Jodie Patterson and Kiara Ellozy and is truly a family affair.  Jodie Patterson has worked in the fashion and entertainment industries for 10 years.  Kiara Ellozy started working in the finance industry on Wall Street 15 years ago and holds an undergraduate degree from Harvard and an MBA from Harvard Business School.  Besides being co-owners of Georgia Beauty, they are also in-laws.  Georgia is the name of Kiara’s niece and several members of the family are also investors.  The beauty products and accessories sold at Georgia Beauty come from all over the globe, are chemical free and personally selected by Jodie and Kiara. 

I visited Georgia Beauty for the first time last Friday for an event they were hosting in conjunction with Models International.  But FAMERS I must say it will not be my last.  Georgia Beauty has personality and provides its patrons with a chic, cozy experience.  It is a departure from beauty stores and salons that seem more like pseudo glam factories than a place women would frequent to feel beautiful or collect the items that make them feel beautiful.  Georgia Beauty has everything a woman is looking for when pending their hard earned recession dollars – exclusivity, femininity and class.

To learn more about Georgia Beauty visit

 Photos:  F.A.M.E NYC Editor and

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