Denim Deluxe


The name Domenico Vacca is synonymous with two things: luxury fashion and A-list clientele.  Costume designers love to style Hollywood stars in his clothes and Al Pacino, Ron Perelman, Diddy, 50 Cent, Lebron James, Usher and Scarlett Johansson are among the celebrities that are his loyal customers.

The designer known as the official clothier of the red carpet will be using his superior craftsmanship to create a line of high end denim.  The men’s collection launches fall 2010 and the women’s collection will follow in spring 2011. 

Last Friday male models from Models International helped to display the luxury jeans at a private party held at Domenico Vacca’s West Broadway location.  Guests sipped cocktails, ate Bellinis courtesy of Cipriani Downtown and received a 30% discount off select merchandise.

The jeans superbly exhibited by the models were the epitome of quality and style.  They are constructed with Italian Candiani selvedge denim and lined with the same fine fabrics used in Domenico Vacca’s dress shirts.   Domenico Vacca Denim also uses hand construction to create the wash and destruction of every pair of jeans.  A far cry from the work trousers created in 1873, a pair of jeans has become a must have item in every one’s wardrobe.  Domenico Vacca Denim is sure to raise the bar yet again.


Give Me Face… Models International Fresh Face Model Search 2010

“It has been a very long and arduous process,” Catherine Fellows, Executive Director of Models International New York, said with laughter while describing the procedures the model agency underwent to find the new faces representing Models International.  “We started the fresh faces search months ago, we sent it to media outlets all over the country and we posted it on the web.”

A few months ago I told you about Models International’s Fresh Face Model Search.  Models submitted their pictures and on June 25 the announcement was made.  The fashionable of New York City ventured to Bowery Wine Co., located at 13 East 1st Street, to meet the latest additions to the Models International family.  The winner of Models International’s Fresh Face Search 2010 is Whitney Heleker.  Whitney is a 5’10, Botticelliesque beauty with an athletic frame, pouty mouth, bedroom eyes and a charming disposition.  “Whitney is really someone that is youthful and has a face that you’re happy to look at.  To me she has a great crossover look.  She can do high fashion and she can do commercials as well,” Catherine stated about their one of their newest and freshest faces.

Whitney described the night as “very exciting.”  After seeing the posting for the search on, Whitney submitted for the contest; the rest, as they say is history.  Originally from Idaho, modeling was not a career path she thought about pursuing.  Whitney played sports, varsity basketball and swimming (which served in helping her achieve her healthy body). It was not until traveling to California for college that the idea of modeling became a viable prospect.  “People said to me, ‘Oh, you should model’,” Whitney recalled.  At the time of the event Whitney had just arrived in Manhattan with total support from her family and was anxious to see the Empire State Building. Alongside Whitney, Models International also introduced other male and female models from their Fresh Faces board.  They mixed and mingled with other guests as everyone tasted Italian-styled canapés and sipped on Sobieski Vodka concoctions. 

Another fresh face I met that night was Chad Silberman.  Unlike Whitney, Chad did not have to travel very far to get to the Models Internationals office in New York, he hails from Long Island.  “I have been interested in modeling for a while,” Chad admitted as we stood outside the Bowery Wine Co. to take in some of the humidity of a New York City summer evening.  “I came across Models International’s blog and read about the search and a couple weeks later I got an email asking me to come into their offices.”  Chad’s All-American good looks scream to be seen in a Lacoste, Nautica or Polo campaign.  Not just a pretty face, Chad is studying to receive his Bachelor’s in Engineering.  Another interesting fact I learned about Chad is he has a tattoo on the inside of his bottom lip.

 Andrienne Kennedy, Director of Models International Women’s board, stated that Models International has completed approximately five model searches in the past.  “It is a really good way to find fresh faces and girls who are not in the industry, but may want to get in the industry and it is a great way to reach out to different parts of the country and find girls who are new to the business,” she stated.  To get the girls ready for their new career, Models International provides their fresh faces with coaching to ensure they receive proper knowledge about the “ins and outs” of the business.  Since beginning the program Andrienne said the fresh face models fare “very well.”  With the new crop of dynamic visages that have been presented we are sure to see some new stars rising from the runways very soon.

Photos:  Toney Park


Georgia on My Mind

No, not the state down yonder famous for its peaches, I am thinking about another place.  The place I am thinking of is located on 89A East Houston Street.  Georgia Beauty is a quaint, very organic beauty boutique and salon that is truly a world on to itself. 

Once passing through the threshold a visitor no longer feels as if they are stepping into a store, instead the intimate aesthetic gives off the aura of single woman’s bedroom or loft space.  The deconstructed walls, aged paint, artwork, heart-shaped washing station and large photo collage give the space a hip, artistic vibe that is still very feminine.  The products and accessories displayed on the walls and throughout the store are not in bulk so the consumer could never feel overwhelmed.  As you walk down the aisle smelling the testers of candles, lotions and creams and touching the belts, bags and other accessories you almost feel as if you are becoming a peeping Tom – touching the products of the woman who lives there, perhaps Georgia.

The concept for this half salon, half beauty store is the brainchild of Jodie Patterson and Kiara Ellozy and is truly a family affair.  Jodie Patterson has worked in the fashion and entertainment industries for 10 years.  Kiara Ellozy started working in the finance industry on Wall Street 15 years ago and holds an undergraduate degree from Harvard and an MBA from Harvard Business School.  Besides being co-owners of Georgia Beauty, they are also in-laws.  Georgia is the name of Kiara’s niece and several members of the family are also investors.  The beauty products and accessories sold at Georgia Beauty come from all over the globe, are chemical free and personally selected by Jodie and Kiara. 

I visited Georgia Beauty for the first time last Friday for an event they were hosting in conjunction with Models International.  But FAMERS I must say it will not be my last.  Georgia Beauty has personality and provides its patrons with a chic, cozy experience.  It is a departure from beauty stores and salons that seem more like pseudo glam factories than a place women would frequent to feel beautiful or collect the items that make them feel beautiful.  Georgia Beauty has everything a woman is looking for when pending their hard earned recession dollars – exclusivity, femininity and class.

To learn more about Georgia Beauty visit

 Photos:  F.A.M.E NYC Editor and

F.A.M.E NYC Model Profile

Models International Model:  Pavel

“Be yourself no matter what they say,” a lyric penned by Sting for his 1988 classic “Englishmen in New York.”  I’m sure some of the same feelings of seclusion and assimilation Sting expressed in his song may have been felt by Pavel Pisotski as he first navigated around the streets of Manhattan.   The 19-year-old native of Russia signed with Models International six months ago.   “It’s not a small town; it has about two million people,” Pavel says about his hometown.  “It’s close to the Black Sea so it’s a very popular tourist area.”

Modeling was not a dream he harbored while growing up in Russia, in fact young Pavel had “no idea” what he wanted to do when he grew up.  “I was trying to finish high school,” he says.  But with fresh chiseled looks, an infectious smile and personality, it would not be long before the fashion industry would find him.  He was originally discovered by another agency at 15 while attending a party in Las Vegas with his parents.  “I didn’t know what to do,” Pavel recalls about his first go see.  “It is hard the first time you do anything, but I got over it.”

Pavel said booking his first job was the highlight of his career thus far and recalled being painted in black for the client.  He has spent the last four years honing his craft, and as the first male signed to Models International Men’s Division, Pavel is just as comfortable in front of the camera as he is on the runway.  “I enjoy taking pictures,” he says.    In the future Pavel would love to transition his career over to acting.  “I’m from Russia, so I would like to do some Russian roles, he states.  Pavel is a young man with convictions that has not forgotten where he has come from.  Whether posing for an edgy editorial shot, walking the runway or speaking Russian in a film, he will be doing it with class.

1.       Tell me your favorite memory from high school.

My senior year I got in trouble.  I was stuck in traffic and decided to drive on a half sidewalk to get to work.  I pulled off and didn’t see the cop.  But I guess I didn’t get in trouble because the cop was fascinated with my last name.  He let me go and told me to be careful.

2.       Describe the perfect first date.

It should be simple because I’m a simple guy.  I don’t really like short relationships.  I like to stick to one person, that’s how I am, that’s how I’ve been raised.

3.       Boxers, Briefs, Boxer/Briefs or Commando?

Boxer/Briefs are more comfortable.

4.       Describe your grooming techniques.

Changing my hair depending on what I’m wearing.

5.       Favorite Drink

Iced Tea

6.       Favorite Designer

Calvin Klein

7.       Sex on the first date or wait until the time is right

Wait until the time is right

8.       The one item that has to go into your luggage

My laptop for sure.

9.       Paris, Milan or Tokyo?

Paris, I love French.

10.   Give us a model secret

I stand my hair up to look taller.


Photos courtesy of G Studios NYC and Models International

Luck of the Draw

Question, when did putting on used shoes and rolling heavy balls down the lane to score points become chic?  The answer is when Lucky Strike Lanes and Lounge came to Manhattan.  Luck Strike isn’t the type of bowling alley I remember as a child, it is a hip outing complete with an awesome lounge décor and great drinks, snack food and music.  Oh, and if you want to bowl, you can do that too.

Last Friday I ventured out to 42nd Street and 12 Avenue to attend the Models International press preview for the MTV Hired episode that features the bi-coastal modeling agency.  MTV Hired is a new show on the music network that features young adults trying to land their first gig in unique industries.  Models International is one of several high profile companies featured in the series.  Other employers included Steve Madden and American Rebel. 

The preview was held in the Luxe premium suite.  Every space of the room was utilized with people drinks and hand dancing, taking pictures, bowling and playing pool.   The DJ was spinning a set of the best in Hip Hop and R&B as the televisions overhead showed the episode.  The event was a good way to start a Friday night.  Kudos to Models International for selecting such a fashionable venue, next time you have a hankering to go bowling, I would definitely recommend making a night of it at Lucky Strike.

To learn more about Models International, MTV Hired or Lucky Strike, please visit,,



Model Search 2010

The next top model might not be found by Tyra Banks; she might just be an email away.  Models International is conducting their 2010 model search.  Models International is a boutique agency that prides themselves on giving their models acute focus and attention.  The agency originally started in Los Angeles and opened a division in Manhattan two years ago.  Andrienne Kennedy is the Director of New Faces; she is responsible for the general appearance of the women’s board.  Models International is looking for young women who want to fashion a career in modeling and are serious about being successful.    “I am looking for stars!  This model search is a perfect outlet to scout new faces that can be the future faces of Models International,” Andrienne says. 

To enter Models International’s 2010 model search email your age, contact information, bust, waist and hip measurements and four color photographs to no later than June 15.  The winner will be selected on June 21 and will receive an exclusive modeling contract with Models International NY.

For more information about Models International NY, please visit   Stay tuned to find out which lucky girl is selected the winner.