F.A.M.E NYC Celebrates Its First Anniversary


On November 16, F.A.M.E NYC celebrates its first anniversary.  As the editor and founder of F.A.M.E NYC, today is a day of reflection.  Although the decision to start F.A.M.E NYC came from the need to comment on New York City’s underground house scene, the true genesis of F.A.M.E NYC began long ago when I was a girl.  On Saturdays, my mom would go to work and my dad and I would jet off to Manhattan.  My father loves to build things and create art, so each Saturday we would end up in the Village – trolling around the stores to find fabrics, beads, posters and trinkets of all sorts that could be used in his creations.  Greenwich Village had been my father’s haven for decades and he passed his affinity for the city to me.  After we had late lunch, we would go and pick up my mom.  Our Saturdays in the Big Apple continued for years and became our weekend ritual.  Eventually, my mom changed jobs and began to join us on our NYC excursions.  As a family we visited The World Trade Center, Central Park, The Statue of Liberty, The Met, MOMA, Washington Square Park, American Museum of Natural History, Battery Park, Harlem and Times Square. 

It was the 80’s and New York City was a different place from the rainbow lit veneer that tourists see today.  New York City was not pretentious, it was raw and gritty.  The subways were littered with graffiti, the meatpacking district was a den of sin, Times Square was truly a place where the dregs and elite of society would meet in symbiotic disharmony, Washington Square Park was the place to go to see the best street entertainers and get your puff on, LES a thriving community of artists, performers and drug addicts and at night you carried your keys in your hand like a weapon.  The threat of danger at night was very palpable, possibly even alluring.  For me it was addicting.  On Monday mornings, I would go back to school eager tell my friends about my NYC adventures with my parents.

When it was time to continue my education after high school, I studied Fashion Merchandising in New York City.  I became part of the millions of strap-hanging commuters, coffee in hand, walking 80 mph to my destination.  It was then that I became a New Yorker.  When I started hanging out I discovered another layer of Manhattan, the underground where I chose to stay.   I have seen NYC change dramatically since I was a girl, but there is one constant that has not change, New York City is still a Mecca for creativity.  New York City still dictates what is hot in fashion, music, and the arts.  Regardless of the success people may achieve in other places, people still migrate to Manhattan to make a splash in the pond next to the Hudson River.  And it is my responsibility to bring you the best New York City has to offer.

One year ago I asked my FAMERS to come on this journey with me and you have.  I want to thank you for inspiring me to continue to report about the New York City I have been privileged to witness everyday.  Thank you for your comments and continued support.  F.A.M.E NYC was created to present you with the people, places and events that make New York City a hub for fashion, arts, music and entertainment.  It will continue to serve as a bridge that will connect stories about the most notable New Yorkers as well as burgeoning New Yorkers creating a buzz in their field.  I have been blessed to meet and interview many wonderful, talented people and attend myriad events and shows.  As 2010 quickly marches to its end, I vow to keep F.A.M.E NYC growing with excellent content. 

As I extend my heartfelt gratitude, I also have a request.  I humbly ask my FAMERS to continue on this journey with me and tell a friend – hell, tell many friends.  It is because of you F.A.M.E NYC has seen the success that it has, let’s shoot for the stratosphere next year!

F.A.M.E NYC Editor

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