Top Five Reasons Why I Can’t Wait To See Ben Foster in Orphans


Everybody knows Shia LaBeouf dropped out of Orphans, which begins previews on March 26, and was replaced by Ben Foster.  While I do like LaBeouf, the addition of Foster to the cast makes me want to run outside and sing in the street as if I were Julie Andrews singing on a grassy hilltop.  Ben Foster is one of the brightest stars of his generation and I’m waiting on bated breath to see him display his talent live on stage.  If you don’t know about Ben Foster, you better ask somebody.  Or, you can just ask me – I will give you five reasons why I can’t wait to see Ben Foster on Broadway.

  1.  Alpha DogAlpha Dog ….ALPHA DOG!  His performance in this movie was so visceral that I had to write the title more than once. 
  2. No young actor slips into darkness better than Ben Foster.  Whether we are talking about his character in Contraband, 30 Days of Night or  the remake of The Mechanic, Foster can thread the line of master manipulator and  bat sh*t crazy with the skill of an expert tailor.  The audience never sees the hemlines, just a beautifully crafted performance partly because Foster isn’t afraid to go there.
  3. Hottie….Hello?!  Ben Foster is cutie pie with a side of brooding sex appeal.
  4. He knows how to pick ‘em.  The secret to an actor’s success is the selection of the right films early in their career.  Judging by Foster’s body of work, I believe this choice will only strengthen his already accomplished body of work.
  5. Foster is the better man.  No offense to La Beouf (he has had his share of blockbusters), but Foster is the better man to tackle a role like this.

Orphans will be playing a limited engagement at Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre. Don’t foster any delusions about missing this production; I predict it will be one of the best productions this season.   

Photo: Jerry Avenaim/Creative24

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