F.A.M.E NYC Springs Ahead

Rain, sun, sleet or snow flurries, March 20 marks the beginning of spring.  La primavera is the season that is generally associated with rebirth.  F.A.M.E NYC is also going through a revival of sorts and I believe spring is the perfect time to unveil a few new changes to the site. 

First, F.A.M.E NYC is getting a facelift – a new theme, same good written content.  Second, I will be adding a couple of monthly features (details coming soon).  In addition, there will be more visual content and more contests.   As I have said countless times, thank you for sharing this journey with me.  I am super excited to share these changes with you. 

And to show how grateful and excited I am, be on the lookout for F.A.M.E NYC’s first spring contest. 


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