New York Mouth, Indie Food in Your Neighborhood


On Broadway, the changes a neighborhood witnesses over time is cleverly explored through the Tony-award winning play Clybourne Park.  But while Clybourne Park touches on potential unsavory topics such as race, real estate and gentrification, a company in Brooklyn attempts to but a better taste in the mouths of New Yorkers. 

New York Mouth is a Brooklyn-based e- commerce company that specializes in bringing its customers the best boutique treats.   In my parents’ day, before huge supermarket chains became the standard, people purchased their food at butchers, bakeries and fruit and vegetable stands.  New York Mouth is seeking to return the personal relationship between the customer and retailer by featuring a select group of indie food producers, some of whom hail from Brooklyn, all of whom share a common ingredient – quality.

On August 7, New York Mouth and Serino Coyne, Broadway’s premiere advertising and branding agency, hosted an evening out on Times Square most provocative block – Clybourne Park.  As patrons left the play, now in the final weeks of its Tony-award winning run, they were received a bite-sized, chocolate sample of what New York Mouth has to offer.  The chocolate was like edible silk, dissolving in your mouth as soon as it touched your tongue.  I have also sampled other goodies from the makers profiled on New York Mouth and was delighted.  With every bite I was aware of the passion these makers have for their food.  I’ve heard that Twizzlers make mouths happy, well all I have to say to that is, watch out Twizzlers, you have some gourmet competition.

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Pop Beats?

Many mourned the departure of Fat Beats when they closed the doors to their Manhattan and LA stores last year.  But as a wise man once told me, nothing is ever really gone.  The legendary record store is back and in Brooklyn, at least for day.  That’s right, those who crave the crackle only vinyl can supply will be ecstatic to know that Fat Beats will begin a monthly pop-up shop in their warehouse, located in the DUMBO section of the borough at 110 Bridge Street, starting on March 5.  On hand to bless Fat Beats’ reopening will be some of Brooklyn’s heavy hitters on the ones and twos, DJs Spinna, Evil Dee and Rich Medina.  Doors will reopen at noon.  If you consider yourself to be a true hip-hop head, mark your calendar for Saturday and pop-up at the pop-up shop.

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