Meagan Good Lends Her Voice to The Bible

Actress Meagan Good has displayed her beauty and talent in numerous films including Deliver Us from Eva, Stomp the Yard and Think Like a Man.  Recently she, along with other actors such as Cuba Gooding Jr., Patricia Heaton and Christopher Gorham and pastors such as Craig Groeschel , Erwin McManus , Jonathan Falwell and Miles McPherson, has participated in the latest audio production of the bible.  Directed by actress and director Chip Hurd (who also directed the 2006 audio adaptation) NIV Live: A Bible Experience features cinematic 3D enhanced sound and a musical score courtesy of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.  When asked about her involvement with NIV Live, Meagan responded, “As a little girl I’d known Chip and she’s just an incredible person and incredible mentor.  As this project came about she asked me if I would like to be a part of it and I was like of course I would.”

The bible is one of the most read works in the human history with several adaptations published.  The creative team behind NIV Live: A Bible Experience also produced the first audio version of the bible in 2006.  The passages Meagan and the other cast members read were assigned to them.  In this version she portrays Eve, mother of all mankind, but as for her personal favorite passage the 32-year-old actress stated, “My personal favorite is always going to be Proverbs 31 because that is who I aspire to be every day. I put my best foot forward to try to be that woman.” NIV Live: A Bible Experience can be purchased as a 79-disc CD set with a bonus DVD featuring the making of NIV Live, a downloadable digital version with multi-platform access or a mobile app with price points ranging from $19.99 to $62.50.  If you want to see and hear Meagan, you won’t have to wait long; she is co-starring in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is set to be released on December 18.  In 2014, she will be reprising the role of Mya in Think Like a Man Too.  And yes FAMERS, I tried to get some scoop for you, but all Meagan would say was, “I will say…that someone gets married.  That’s all I can say or else Will Packer [producer of the Think Like a Man films] will have my head on a platter.”  And none of us wants that.  

ARIS Air Collection by Vancelette Signature

Clutch…wristlet…tote… hobo, bags make me (and every fashionista in world) happy.  Old world artistry meets New York style with Vancelette Signature.  Designer and artisan Rachel D. Vancelette creates accessories that beautifully combines hard and soft lines and are super chic – just like a New York woman. 

Check out Vancelette Signature’s spring 2013 line at,  


Patricia Field Forever!

What or should  I say who does The Devil Wears PradaSex and the CityUgly Betty and Mother Goose Rock ‘n’ Rhyme have in common?  If you said Patricia Fields, then you know your fashion trivia! 

Patricia Field is a New York born costume designer, stylist and fashion designer.    Her boutique in the Lower East Side is just as legendary as her edgy fashions. 

Patricia Field is celebrating the re-launch of her YouTube channel and she wants you to get in on the act. Wanna lil’ Patricia Field in your life…well if you visit the site, you could win the chance to win a $500.00 gift certificate!

Visit the link below, watch the video and add a comment, yep… it’s just that simple.  Happy YouTubing FAMERS!  I might just get in on this one myself.

Photo:  Patricia

Entree LS Spring 2013 Collection “X & O’s”



As NYC’s fashion elite brave the blizzard and sludge it left behind to converge on Lincoln Center to see view the frocks for Fall 2013, the misunderstood boys at Entrée LS are springing ahead.    

Entrée LS lookbook is in effect and online.  The collection includes all-over print 5-panel hats with detailed woven construction, suede brims, embossed leather patches, side vent holes and adjustable leather buckle straps.  It also features new original graphics in Entree LS Characteristic style as well as a new cut and sew teddy bear design.

Check it out and get misunderstood: 


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New York Mouth, Indie Food in Your Neighborhood


On Broadway, the changes a neighborhood witnesses over time is cleverly explored through the Tony-award winning play Clybourne Park.  But while Clybourne Park touches on potential unsavory topics such as race, real estate and gentrification, a company in Brooklyn attempts to but a better taste in the mouths of New Yorkers. 

New York Mouth is a Brooklyn-based e- commerce company that specializes in bringing its customers the best boutique treats.   In my parents’ day, before huge supermarket chains became the standard, people purchased their food at butchers, bakeries and fruit and vegetable stands.  New York Mouth is seeking to return the personal relationship between the customer and retailer by featuring a select group of indie food producers, some of whom hail from Brooklyn, all of whom share a common ingredient – quality.

On August 7, New York Mouth and Serino Coyne, Broadway’s premiere advertising and branding agency, hosted an evening out on Times Square most provocative block – Clybourne Park.  As patrons left the play, now in the final weeks of its Tony-award winning run, they were received a bite-sized, chocolate sample of what New York Mouth has to offer.  The chocolate was like edible silk, dissolving in your mouth as soon as it touched your tongue.  I have also sampled other goodies from the makers profiled on New York Mouth and was delighted.  With every bite I was aware of the passion these makers have for their food.  I’ve heard that Twizzlers make mouths happy, well all I have to say to that is, watch out Twizzlers, you have some gourmet competition.

To see what products you may want to stock your fridge with, click

To purchase tickets for Clybourne Park before it vacates on September 2, click

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Target Hits the Mark in East Harlem

The famous red bullseye that is the retail chain Target has decided to take a shot at Manhattan.  Its landing at the East River Plaza, located on East 117th Street, signifies the opening of its first store in New York City.  Target’s inaugural Big Apple store resides by a Costco and Best Buy and plans to cater to the residents of Harlem with its merchandise.  Along with more recognizable name brands, the East Harlem location will feature a Harlem Designer Collection with apparel from Stephen Burrows and beach wear and towels from Isabel and Ruben Toledo.  Harlem resident Marcus Samuelsson, world-renowned chef and restaurateur, designed sets of pot holders and napkins, which will also be available online and in stores on the East Coast August 1.  Spanish-language greeting cards, multicultural dolls, Southern food and personal-care products traditionally marketed to blacks and Hispanics will also be available. 

The store officially opens on Sunday, but stars ventured it out on Monday to celebrate its “unofficial” grand opening.  Model Selita Eubanks, Marcus Samuelsson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Kelly Rowland, Doug E. Fresh, Tyson Beckford, Russell Simmons, Reverend Run and others were on hand to pose for shutterbugs on the red carpet and welcome Bullseye (the retail chain’s mascot) and the Target family uptown.

John Griffith, executive vice president of property development for Target Corp, stated the opening of the East Harlem location is the company’s largest single investment on any single project.  More than half of the 400 people hired to work there live in the neighborhood.  Employing local residents and affordable pricing is sure to result in a formula for success in Harlem. 

Photos:  Getty Images