The Art of Living

Art plays a pivotal component in the chromaticity, aura, composition and overall look of a space.  Generally when we see art, it is in a museum or gallery with white or bricked backgrounds and minimal furniture; a curator designs the space to tell a story about the art and the artist.  But when bringing art into our home, the task can be a bit challenging.  Most people approach buying art with the same methodology used for buying clothes, shoes and accessories, purchasing separate pieces and afterward attempting to create a chic look. Rarely, does one obtain a complete ensemble at one time.

Karen Chien, Jessica Porter and Dominic Lepere

Stylists are hired to create memorable looks for their clients and interior decorators do the same for rooms; however the look is expected to last a lot longer than a 15 minute photo op.  That is why it is essential to blend the right art, lighting, furniture, textiles and other decorations in order to produce a room that is reflective of the owner’s personality.  But in today’s economy not all of us can afford to hire an interior decorator.  Luckily, three of Manhattan’s connoisseurs of creation have produced an exhibit that combines stunning works of art and sleek, modern pieces of furniture.   Art & Living: Emerging Interiors opened May 13 and combined the talents of Karen Chien (Cheeky Living), Dominic Lepere (Lepere showroom) and Jessica Porter (Raandesk Gallery).

Art & Living: Emerging Interiors is comprised of several mini-room installations and is a unique display of style and function.  Walls of the intimate spaces are adorned with artwork from Juan Astica (Buenos Aires), Anne Marchand (Washington D.C.), Teresa Pereda (Buenos Aires), Matej Sitar (Slovenia), Laura Viñas (Buenos Aires) and Roy Wiemann (New York City).   Massachusetts sculptor Andrew Maglathlin’s three dimensional pieces were featured on end pieces and tables.  Raandesk Gallery owner Jessica Porter chose to showcase artists whose art was more abstract; their color palettes enhanced the furniture.  The furniture was comfortable and contemporary.  During the opening reception, guests mingled, sipped glasses of sparkling wine and turned the showroom into a real living space.  Watching people bring the exhibit to life truly illustrates how a beautifully designed area assists in promoting good feelings.

Art & Living: Emerging Interiors will be on display at Lepere showroom, located at 20 West 22nd Street, Suite 1105, until July 5th.  To learn more about Cheek Living, Lepere and Raandesk Gallery, please visit, and

Photos and slideshow courtesy of and F.A.M.E NYC Editor