Fame, No Detours

While making the rounds at different art shows and fairs for F.A.M.E NYC, I have met my fair share of artists, curators and collectors.  No one will dispute that New York City is the Mecca for art in North America.  Aspiring and even established artists migrate to New York in the hopes of being on the positive end of the statement, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.”  Artists like Jennifer Murray, who just celebrated the opening of her first solo show at a New York City gallery, or Billy the Artist, whom I first met in 2007 and whose services have been commissioned by Hyundai, Sony and MTV,  are well on their way to creating a prosperous career in the art world.  But if you are fresh off the bus from Penn Station and looking to make a name for yourself, what happens next?  You find employment just to get by, create art whenever you can and pray that success finds you.   Katharine T. Carter believes that this philosophy will only lead to failure.   Poverty is not mark of a good artist nor is it necessary for anyone looking to live as an artist.

Katharine T. Carter is President and CEO of Katharine T. & Associates, a PR and promotional marketing firm exclusively for artists.  With the help of fellow art colleagues, she combined 25 years of experience, advice and essays to create her own seminal work of art titled Accelerating on the Curves: The Artist’s Roadmap to Success, a 363-page beacon that guides an artist through the channels of obscurity and places them on the fast track to notoriety and financial achievement. 

Accelerating on the Curves: The Artist’s Roadmap to Success consists of three books and meticulously details how an artist constructs his/her career.  Book one has nine chapters and three stages.  Stage one begins on the local and state level and features how to create a buzz wherever the artist resides by meeting the right people, generating the proper media presence and exhibiting and selling the artist’s work.  Stage two illustrates how to take the foundation created in stage one, and expand the artist’s profile regionally.  Stage three demonstrates what is needed for the artist to complete his/her ultimate destination and national recognition.  Book two contains the blueprint for manufacturing a winning press kit.  Book three is a composite of inspiring essays written by art insiders.

 Ever since man began painting crude images on walls, there have been individuals blessed with the gift to create a dialogue with humanity without words.   There have also been those who choose to see their talent as not only a gift, but a calling – a means to craft a destiny.  But as time shifts, the way in which an artist becomes prominent in his/her time has most certainly changed.  If paint, canvases, brushes and other elements used to create art are essential tools for an artist’s survival, then Accelerating on the Curves: The Artist’s Roadmap to Success must be considered an indispensible component as well.  It exposes how to turn one’s art into a business using the media and networking, and is a bible for anyone pursuing a thriving career in the arts.  It is a worthy read for any artisan regardless the genre and promises to be the best $95 investment you will ever make. 

Photo courtesy of Katherine T. Carter & Associates