VeroDalla‘s LivenLuLu©

By Martin Burgess for F.A.M.E NYC

Last Thursday, French artist Véronique Anne Jadot (aka VeroDalla) debuted her latest collection at Gallery 32 Fine Arts in Chelsea. Reflecting selected aspects of humanity and movement, the collection mainly consists of sculptures in the form of genderless, race-less, fluid figures. Jadot tries to create an alternate universe by calling the collection LivenLuLu© and even gave the figures their own voice by creating a story behind their creation.

“We were born in Culêtre, a tiny village in Burgundy [France], after a long gestation of 24 months before finally materializing.  Our creator, VeroDalla, wanted to make a universal figure devoid of external traits and far removed from pre-existing creatures – we needed our own identity…” says VeroDalla’s website.

Jadot’s alias, “VeroDalla,” is supposed to be free from language barriers. Let’s not get into linguistics, but our Asian and Arabic speaking friends might disagree.

Unfortunately the exhibition feels too gimmicky and contrived. The fact that there is a copyright symbol in the name is a big turn off. It indicates that these sculptures were created with the intention to make money not art. Jadot comes from big money, like big big money.  Her grandfather was the founder of Maison Louis Jadot, an extremely successful French wine company. There is a term in the art world, “Housewife art,” and this is what the exhibition feels like. There was no technique to the painting and no real detailing on the sculptures. The colors used were plain, illogical and lacked feeling.

Also crammed in the gallery (which looked like it was half under construction) are two other exhibits by Jadot titled Poppy and Inner Journey. Again, both lacking any kind of skill or technique. The Poppy paintings and sculptures look like cake decoration and Inner Journey is supposed to represent “wet clothing stuck to your skin in summertime.” Ummm…who exactly likes having wet clothes stuck to their skin? Now just because someone comes from money does not mean they cannot be talented, but this is New York and we know how to smell a rat.

Check it out and share your thoughts; Gallery 32 Fine Arts is located at 515 West 20th Street, Level 5, New York, NY. The Jadot exhibition runs from June 13th – June 16th, 2013 so there is still one more day to view the exhibit.

Photo:  Martin Burgess