Top Art Exhibit for 2010

Jason Covert’s CARNIVORA

Epic and wondrous to behold, Jason Covert’s CARNIVORA was a mystical journey of sight and sound.  This multimedia extravaganza gave new meaning to the Big Bang Theory as Jason explored man’s primitive ancestry and polytheistic creation myths.  I was truly inspired by the complete vision that started from doodling in a college classroom.   I think the Gods were very pleased.  To read F.A.M.E NYC’s interview with Jason and view the slideshow of CARNIVORA, click

Photo:  F.A.M.E NYC Editor

One thought on “Top Art Exhibit for 2010

  1. Robert Golan says:

    I had chance to view this show and I have to agree with you – it was a stunning freshman effort for a new artist. There was so much variety and so much obvious talent on display – I can’t wait to see what the artist does next!

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