Clifford Chase’s Winkie Top 59E59 Production For 2011

The theaters of New York City are like my second home.  But there is one that I resided in more than any other in 2011.  I was at 59E59 Theaters so often that I was thinking of moving in the area, and therefore I had to give the Off-Broadway theater its own category this year.

I viewed myriad shows, from theater companies from all over the country and abroad.  Most were gems, a few were cut glass.  Out of all the productions I viewed in 2011 my top would be Clifford Chase’s Winkie.  I loved the idea of a stuffed animal coming to life and experiencing all the evils of the world and still having the capacity to love.  What a lesson we could learn from Winkie!

To view F.A.M.E NYC’s review, click

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