It’s Good To Be The King


Or at least the CEO.  According to MSN Money, fashion icon and creator of the Polo dynasty Ralph Lauren’s income as a CEO is $66.7 million dollars.  The average salary for a Ralph Lauren employee is $$50,200.  Now for you FAMERS that hate math as much as I do, that is a CEO-to-worker pay ratio of 1,328-to-1…Holy Hemline!  We all know that there would be no Polo Ralph Lauren without the master designer; he is the founder of this colossal fashion and lifestyle brand.   And this fact is not lost on Polo Ralph Lauren’s board which bestows homage by granting him with options and restricted stock. 

In high school Lauren wrote in his yearbook that he wanted to be a millionaire.  Well, I think he can cross that one off his bucket list.  Although Mr. Polo appeared on MSN Money’s “7 CEOs pulling in outsized paychecks” article, Lauren, unlike some of the other CEOs, is in a unique position.  He is after all only reaping the benefits of a dream he had and turned into reality.  No one ever smote King Midas for his golden touch, did they?

To read the entire MSN Money article, click


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