F.A.M.E NYC Model Profile

Models International Model:  Pavel

“Be yourself no matter what they say,” a lyric penned by Sting for his 1988 classic “Englishmen in New York.”  I’m sure some of the same feelings of seclusion and assimilation Sting expressed in his song may have been felt by Pavel Pisotski as he first navigated around the streets of Manhattan.   The 19-year-old native of Russia signed with Models International six months ago.   “It’s not a small town; it has about two million people,” Pavel says about his hometown.  “It’s close to the Black Sea so it’s a very popular tourist area.”

Modeling was not a dream he harbored while growing up in Russia, in fact young Pavel had “no idea” what he wanted to do when he grew up.  “I was trying to finish high school,” he says.  But with fresh chiseled looks, an infectious smile and personality, it would not be long before the fashion industry would find him.  He was originally discovered by another agency at 15 while attending a party in Las Vegas with his parents.  “I didn’t know what to do,” Pavel recalls about his first go see.  “It is hard the first time you do anything, but I got over it.”

Pavel said booking his first job was the highlight of his career thus far and recalled being painted in black for the client.  He has spent the last four years honing his craft, and as the first male signed to Models International Men’s Division, Pavel is just as comfortable in front of the camera as he is on the runway.  “I enjoy taking pictures,” he says.    In the future Pavel would love to transition his career over to acting.  “I’m from Russia, so I would like to do some Russian roles, he states.  Pavel is a young man with convictions that has not forgotten where he has come from.  Whether posing for an edgy editorial shot, walking the runway or speaking Russian in a film, he will be doing it with class.

1.       Tell me your favorite memory from high school.

My senior year I got in trouble.  I was stuck in traffic and decided to drive on a half sidewalk to get to work.  I pulled off and didn’t see the cop.  But I guess I didn’t get in trouble because the cop was fascinated with my last name.  He let me go and told me to be careful.

2.       Describe the perfect first date.

It should be simple because I’m a simple guy.  I don’t really like short relationships.  I like to stick to one person, that’s how I am, that’s how I’ve been raised.

3.       Boxers, Briefs, Boxer/Briefs or Commando?

Boxer/Briefs are more comfortable.

4.       Describe your grooming techniques.

Changing my hair depending on what I’m wearing.

5.       Favorite Drink

Iced Tea

6.       Favorite Designer

Calvin Klein

7.       Sex on the first date or wait until the time is right

Wait until the time is right

8.       The one item that has to go into your luggage

My laptop for sure.

9.       Paris, Milan or Tokyo?

Paris, I love French.

10.   Give us a model secret

I stand my hair up to look taller.


Photos courtesy of G Studios NYC and Models International