The Lamb’s Club and Cast of Golden Boy Creates Winning Combo

Golden Boy 006

In boxing, having a big power punch is always a good tool to have in one’s arsenal when looking to land a knockout, but generally it is a consistent set of combination shots that wears an opponent down and ultimately wins the fight.  Last Tuesday, The Lamb’s Club, Serino Coyne, Lincoln Center Theater and the cast of the revival of Golden Boy delivered a 24 karat TKO during their buzzmaker event.

Members of the press were invited to visit one of Times Square most elegant eateries and learn more about Golden Boy, now in previews at the Belasco Theatre.  While munching on succulent appetizers from The Lamb’s Club dinner menu such as, Yellowfin Tuna Tartare, Spicy Veal Meatballs and Pork Belly with Puff Rice, bloggers, journalists and photographers were introduced to cast members Danny Mastrogiorgio, Danny Burtstein, Brad Fleischer, Karl Glusman and Seth Numrich (who plays Joe Bonaparte).  Also on hand, were sketches of the costumes designed by Catherine Zuber, which included a blue dress that pays homage to the actress haunting the Belasco Theatre.

The pre-performance event possessed a buoyant atmosphere as cast members answered questions, shared their training routine as well as engaging anecdotes about how they became a part of the 75-year-old revival.  Golden Boy features a glimpse of New York City in the 1930s and the sophisticated, metropolitan ambiance of The Lamb’s Club bar made the perfect compliment to an already blithe and dashing affair.  Outside of meeting the cast, the highlight of my evening was the discovery of my new favorite cocktail – The Gold Rush.

Chef Geoffrey Zakarian and partners have created quite a dining gem in the heart of the theater district.  Along with its swanky décor and exceptional cuisine, The Lamb’s Club possesses an affinity for the arts. The restaurant hosted an event for the cast of Chaplin the Musical in August and features live jazz at the bar on Wednesdays.  And for hungry audience members looking to get a bite to eat before or after attending Golden Boy, The Lamb’s Club is across the street from the Belasco Theatre and offers pre and post theater dinner options.

105982.GB.PinterestKeyArtAll and all this buzzmaker event was a sparkling start to an evening that also included a great night of theater.  Golden Boy premiers December 6 for a 10-week run at the Belasco Theatre, I suggest taking a note from the past this holiday season by getting dressed to the nines, having dinner at The Lamb’s Club at six, catching a performance of Golden Boy at eight and treating yourself to a good old-fashioned night of dinner and a show in the city.  If you are feeling particularly lucky, you may want to enter Golden Boy’s Pinterest contest,

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Photo and Slideshow:  F.A.M.E NYC, Golden Boy Poster courtesy of Serino Coyne



LOL! Ticket Giveaway

With the way this economy is going, we could all use some laughter. Wouldn’t you say? 

F.A.M.E NYC can supply you with two tickets for a night of laughter with Old Jews Telling Jokes if you can tell me, who was the New York comedian that insisted that he got “No Respect”.

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Quick Inheritance Ticket Giveaway

It’s part 2 of F.A.M.E NYC’s Double the Pleasure –Double the Giveaway

We all wish that we had a promised windfall coming our way.  Well… with F.A.M.E NYC you can inherit a pair of Broadway tickets if you can answer this question:

Who is the NYC heiress that was dubbed “The Poor Little Rich Girl”, had a successful fashion brand and is the mother of Anderson Cooper?

On October 6 previews begin for The Heiress, with the opening night set for November 1.  The Heiress first premiered on Broadway in 1947 and tells the story of a New York woman who must navigate the minefields of love and loss and desire and duty.  

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Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Ticket Giveaway

Happy Fall FAMERS!

This autumn you don’t have to sit at home watching reality TV to view a night of dysfunction. You can go to the neon lights of Broadway! 

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the most maladjusted couples to ever hit a stage; F.A.M.E NYC is giving away a pair of tickets to the revival of Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?  All you have to do is answer this question in the comment section: 

What Hollywood couple recreated the roles of Martha and George in the 1966 film adaptation of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 

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Double the Pleasure – Double the Giveaway

Summer may be over but on Broadway, the heat is on!  This weekend ushers in autumn and the fall 2012 shows are well underway.  Two dramas opening this October and November are “oldies but goodies”. 

This year marks the golden anniversary of Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.  Previews begin on September 27 at The Booth Theatre and opens on October 13, exactly 50 years to the day after the play’s original Broadway opening on Saturday, October 13, 1962.  Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf explores marital dysfunction at its highest level in an unforgettable night of cocktails, potshots and crossfire.   

On October 6 previews begin for The Heiress, with the opening night set for November 1.  The Heiress first premiered on Broadway in 1947 and tells the story of a New York woman who must navigate the minefields of love and loss and desire and duty. 

To celebrate the return of these great productions to Broadway, F.A.M.E  NYC  is hosting two giveaways courtesy of Serino Coyne.  The Virginia Woolf Giveaway begins at midnight and The Heiress begins on Monday.  Both contests end September 30 at midnight – THAT MEANS DOUBLE THE OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO WIN! 

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Simply Put…Thank You

On May 17th, F.A.M.E NYC in conjunction with The Kenkou Group hosted its annual 99 Red Balloons AIDS Walk Fundraiser.  Because of this event, F.A.M.E NYC was able to meet and exceed its pledge to raise $300 for GMHC’s 2012 AIDS Walk.  We were blessed with a beautiful night and when I saw those balloons ascend into the sapphire sky, I became very emotional.  For me, each of those balloons represented someone that I had admired who had passed away from AIDS or are living with it.  The three balloons I released from my hands were for my three brothers and their experiences were the genesis for this event.

Throughout the evening many people asked me how I came up with the concept for 99 Red Balloons.  Part of the idea came from the 1984 new wave song from Nena titled, “99 Luftballons”.   The other part came from the fact that by 1999 I had lost two brothers from AIDS and had another brother living with the illness. In a span of 10 years, my family had been decimated by this epidemic.  AIDS had touched a third of my immediate family.  

Because HIV/AIDS has been a part of our global landscape for so long, people forget how terrifying this disease was when it first began receiving media coverage.  It was the equivalent ofa biblical plague and those who were diagnosed with it were the most fiendish sinners.  People treated those with AIDS and their family like outcasts.  I was 13 when my first brother was diagnosed with AIDS in 1988.  It was my last opportunity I had to give my brother a hug and I couldn’t touch him without wearing gloves, a mask and other medical garb.  A month after he was rushed to the hospital he was gone.  I remember being instructed by my mother on what to say about my brother’s death.  She feared being ostracized by our neighborhood as others had been.  When my second passed away in 1997, I knew I had to join the fight to raise awareness and find a cure.

Although last Thursday’s event was titled 99 Red Balloons, the subtitle should’ve been “With A Little Help from My Friends”.  Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to make this event happen.  First, I must extend a massive thank you to The Kenkou Group for partnering with me.  The Kenkou Group,, is a concierge health care and advocacy group out of Harlem.  Being from an area where its residents are at high-risk for new AIDS cases, their concern, passion and assistance were invaluable.  They treated this event with the same dignity and care as one of their patients.    Thank you to Joann Jimenez, Creative Director of ¡WEPA!, for your unwavering support.  Thank you Jim Glaub and Serino Coyne and Jessica Porter of Porter Gallery for your wonderful donation, I truly believe the event wouldn’t have gone as well without your assistance.   Thank you Gabe and everyone at Bar 13 for allowing us to have our fundraiser at your venue, you guys are the best!  Thank you DJ Omar Abdallah for a blazing DJ set, you knocked my Pumas off.   Most importantly, thank you to everyone who attended and donated.  You are the reason this fundraiser was a success. 

99 Red Balloons AIDS Walk Fundraiser was the beginning of a bittersweet weekend that culminated with today’s AIDS Walk.  And as the anniversary of my brother’s death fast approaches, I firmly continue to honor my brothers by making sure I do what I can to lend my voice and energy to a cause that affects us all. 

Broadway Sheds Its Prices for Fall

The sun-filled days, the crisp in the air at night, the Caribbean Day parade on Labor Day, the makeover of Lincoln Center for Fashion Week – all signs that fall is fast approaching.  With the impeding10th anniversary of 9/11 reminding New Yorkers of how resilient we are and how much we have overcome since that tragic day, Broadway brings discounts center stage. 

After the events of September 11, 2001, Broadway as well as other businesses in the theatre district suffered huge losses in sales.  In response, Seasons of Savings was created in January 2002 to entice theatergoers to go back to The Great White Way.  The special edition Playbill is published twice a year, and is called the unofficial “New York Theatergoer’s Guide to Times Square.”  

Seasons of Savings features discount coupons with savings codes for various Broadway and Off-Broadway shows as well as restaurants, hotels and other Big Apple attractions.  On August 29, Serino Coyne, Broadway’s largest advertising agency, hosted an event at Tony’s Dinapoli, located at 147 West 43rd Street, to introduce this year’s coupon booklet.  Tony’s Dinapoli is a family style restaurant located in the heart of the theatre district.  It is famous for its scrumptious Italian cuisine and great relationship with Broadway.  This year’s booklet offers discounts to Memphis, Mary Poppins, Godspell, Chinglish, The Adams Family, Catch Me If You Can, Circle Line and more.  Seasons of Savings makes Broadway more affordable and provides an opportunity for more people to fall in love with the theatre.  Tis the season to save, I encourage all FAMERS to take advantage. 

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