Happy New Year from F.A.M.E NYC

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HAPPY NEW YEAR FAMERS!  It’s 2013 and we’re still her e!  Apocalypse what…apocalypse who?  Guess the Mayans didn’t know what they were talking about and to this end I shall quote Sweet Brown by stating, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

But I digress, 2012 was some year and while the world anticipated on bated breath for the four horsemen to arrive, for us in the Tri-State area, it did seem like the shadow of the end of the world was hovering over New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. 

Once again I’d like to extend my sincerest appreciation for all of you that have continued to ride the wave of F.A.M.E NYC for another year.  I was told by a reader that F.A.M.E NYC is the “underground Time Out”, and I took it to be a major compliment.  Thank you for allowing F.A.M.E NYC to bring you the Big Apple as I see it.  I hope you will continue this journey with me and tell some friends (and family and co-workers too).  This year I plan on increasing the momentum F.A.M.E NYC has garnered by bringing some major changes to the site (so be on the look out for them).  And who knows, you might just find out the identity of F.A.M.E NYC’s Editor this year….

I can’t wait to see what NYC has to offer for 2013, but before I do I will take this week to look back and bid farewell to the apocalypse that wasn’t with F.A.M.E NYC’s Top for 2012.  It’s a new year FAMERS, let’s make it the best one EVER!

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FAMERS…ready for another quickie ticket giveaway?

WELL, HERE IT IS… This Old House Ticket Giveaway!  Win two tickets to see this year’s Tony Award winner for Best Play by answering the following question: 

Which two Actors played the role of Walter Lee Younger in the original and revival of A Raisin in the Sun of on Broadway?

Enter as many times as you like, contest ends 7/27 at 7pm.  The winner will be announced that evening.

Trust me FAMERS, this a contest you’d want to enter and a play you’d want to see!  Take a look at Clybourne Park’s playwright, Bruce Norris, and lead producer, Jordan Roth, as they accept the Tony for Best Play.

Video and tickets courtesy of Serino/Coyne


Come Join F.A.M.E NYC for Our Annual AIDS Walk Fundraiser

Where:  Bar 13 35 E. 13th Street New York, NY 10003

Time:  6:00pm until 10:00pm

F.A.M.E NYC Magazine & The Kenkou Group



Come join us after work for an event of nostalgia
as we dance to the best 80’s & 90’s house, Hip-hop, R&B & pop. 

Write a message to your loved one on the balloons and watch them float into the night sky as we release the balloons from the rooftop of Bar 13.

(All Proceeds to be donated to GMHC AIDS Walk NYC)

Your donation guarantees your entry to win a pair of tickets to one of the HOTTEST shows opening on Broadway this spring!

Come out and celebrate love & life!

F.A.M.E NYC Celebrates Its Second Anniversary

Two years ago, I sat down in my bedroom, grabbed my laptop and decided to embark on a journey that revolved around my beloved New York City.  When I started this expedition, I had no clue who would take the ride with me.  I hurled posts into the noir void of cyberspace, hoping that someone would read them and enjoy what I had to say.  I sacrificed time, relationships and the opportunity to make money for a dream.  I guess you can say that like the Man of La Mancha, I was dreaming an impossible dream.  But thanks to my FAMERS, my dreams are steadily becoming reality.

F.A.M.E NYC is essentially a grass roots publication.  We work on a budget that would not be considered a shoestring.  We do not have money to pour into advertising the site nor do we have funds to do giveaways or throw lavish parties.  But somehow people have found us and decided to stay loyal. F.A.M.E NYC has grown exponentially within the last year.   Each day we acquire new FAMERS, receiving new hits.  Thanks to you, F.A.M.E NYC’s numbers have doubled from what they were last year.

For an individual who makes her living with words, there are no words to express my heartfelt appreciation for all the support F.A.M.E NYC has received.  When I try to reach out for words in my mind, they escape me.  I am overwhelmed with emotion.  I cannot help welling up with tears.  I have no children, and besides my six-year-old pit bull, F.A.M.E NYC is my baby.  The reciprocity I feel from you FAMERS is phenomenal.  To know that somewhere there are individuals following F.A.M.E NYC, watching my baby grow, in different places all over the globe is astounding.  And to see the ocular proof of our growth is even more amazing.

Two years later and F.A.M.E NYC is still here – still growing.  I hope you will continue to grow with us.  Last year, I suggested we shoot for the stratosphere; next year lets blast past it.  Once again,  I promise to keep my pledge to provide you with excellent content and bring you the best that New York City has to offer.  I hope you will promise to continue to take this excursion with me and bring a few more of your friends along for the journey.  Next year is shaping up to be another great year for F.A.M.E NYC.  Also, we have a few surprises coming your way, so stay tuned.

This evening I will be celebrating F.A.M.E NYC’s second anniversary by ensuring I keep my pledge to bring you the best that NYC has to offer.  This evening I will be attending a preview of Seminar, the new play starring Alan Rickman.  I wish you all could be with me, but one thing is for sure, I will tell you all about it.

F.A.M.E NYC Editor

Welcome To F.A.M.E NYC

F.A.M.E NYCWelcome to F.A.M.E NYC!

F.A.M.E NYC is an acronym for fashion, arts, music and entertainment and centers on one of the Meccas for all these industries, New York City.

“I love New York” is not just a slogan for us at F.A.M.E NYC.  We comment on the New York City we are privileged to witness everyday, and all the elements that makes New York City one of the greatest cities on Earth.

This online publication  is dedicated to New York fashion, arts, music and entertainment and is for any lover of NYC.

Included in the fashion segments will be models, designers, retailers, etc. that have locations in NYC as well as Fashion Week.

Our arts segments will include NY based artists, galleries, performance artists as well as Broadway and off Broadway.

Our music and entertainment segments will also come from a New York state of mind with special dedication given to NYC nightlife and dining.

We hope you will all come on this journey with us as we share with you our version of F.A.M.E in NYC and those who are on a quest for it.  There are a million stories in Big Apple, these are ours.